Sustayn’s Hardware and Software as a service (HaSaaS) provides robust data analytics for recycling, waste, asset tracking, and custody management.

Disrupting the Waste and Recycling Industry by Applying Sensing, Visualization Technology and Data Analytics to Achieve Zero Landfill Waste

Recycling commodities have a monetary value. It’s important to track, measure, manage and capture maximum financial value to optimize economic impact. Sustayn digitizes waste and recycling streams, enabling visualization, tracking, validation and sustainability reporting. Our sensing technology measures the fullness, as well as weights, quantity and quality. This robust data aggregates to Sustayn’s cloud-based platform digitizing the full recycling and waste stream. The data is visualized giving you the ability to run sophisticated data analytics, increase recycling revenues and reduce solid waste operating expenses.We’re disrupting the waste and recycling industry by applying sensing, visualization technology and data analytics to find your Hidden Green Assets (TM). We deliver the tools necessary to achieve zero landfill waste.